Life.Still - 100 Days Project

the Daily Grind

This project is a visual idiom, a metaphor utilising the still life genre. It is less an instruction manual and more of a meditation, a contemplation upon daily existence.
Each day my task was to paint a small object and then to upload an image of the painting here. All the daily paintings are intended as a device for clarity and continuity within my daily life. Each month the painting's object will alter, expanding upon the focus of that contemplation. I ran out of steam around Day 88.
It began on the 1st of August 2015 

Mairangi Arts Centre - 1st Prize for Painting (Art Award)

My painting of my oldest daughter took out the first prize in the Mairangi Art awards. The painting is after Jacques-Louis David's paintings titled: Napoleon Crossing the Alps, with my daughter in the lead role. 

Kiwiana Christmas - Waiheke Art Gallery (group exhibition)

Tangled Up In Blue - NKB Gallery (group exhibition)

Autumn Collection -  Parnell Gallery (group exhibition)