Lands End - NKB Gallery

Known widely for his realist figurative land and ocean works – Lands End follows on from Smith’s popular 2017 exhibition (Archipelago) of ‘island paintings’ – which are gaining a momentum of their own and mark ...

Pocket Edition - NorthArt Gallery

The technicolor paintings depict a landing party typically portrayed each week on the television show Star Trek. They all wear the red uniform of a security detail but have the heads of critically endangered native birds. Their fate is uncertain and their costume holds little hope for their survival without some form of intervention.

The black and white images are of the fallen. Each an individual portrait making eye contact with the viewer. Forever locked within the attributes of an old photograph, they have become mementos of a growing collection; extinct New Zealand native birds - there are, as yet, no extinct predators.

Animals - NorthArt Gallery

Rock, Paper, Scissors - NKB Gallery

Paper  - NorthArt Gallery

Northart’s highly anticipated annual Drawing and Works on Paper show brings together pieces by some of the gallery’s most accomplished and senior artists, including Robert Ellis, Garry Currin, Ross Ritchie, Alistair Nisbet-Smith and John Nicol. Also featuring this year in the popular exhibition – sponsored by Gordon Harris: The Art and Graphic Store – are painters Rosemary Theunissen, Sharon Vickers and Lindsey Kirk, amongst others.