Semicolon - Unlimited Potential Real Estate, Herne Bay  & Foenander Gallery (group exhibition)

an island with a pencil drawing of a house

title: I Am an Island  

size: 800 x 800mm

medium: pencil and oil on board

The exhibition was a fundraiser for mental health and the idea of the semicolon is that in a sentence, the semicolon is used to add more onto the story. It began with a daughter that lost her father to suicide. She got herself a semicolon tattoo to remember him by and the Semicolon Project began.

My painting looks at an island as an idealised metaphor for the individual - we would all love to own our own island, but to be stranded upon a deserted isle is also an cliched tragedy, I think this duality is interesting when the island stands in for a person. The letterbox signifies that the island is owned and the pencil drawing of a house is what could be if you make something of yourself, if you fully realise your potential.... Your dreams and ambitions are a building that you yourself must build.


Solo exhibition coming soon...

26th November -17 December 2020

Island Nation - Foenander Gallery  (solo show)

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