Pestfree 2050

My Battlelines series began with a concern for the fate of our native New Zealand animals, which are being decimated by predators ( brought to New Zealand by our forefathers; the rabbit, possum, hedgehog, stoat and the rat). By the year 2050 New Zealand has pledged to completely eradicate these introduced animals that have been deemed ‘pest’.

This body of work consists of small (A6 postcard sized) or large (A0 watercolour sheets) pieces which represent individual, intimate portraits of a solitary soldier, or groups of characters, caught up in a war far greater than themselves. I have attempted to remain impartial, but the titles of some of the small works (Radical Rat, Hoodlum Hedgehog, Hero Huia) reveal my loyalties.

“The invasion of predators has reached a tipping point and most of our native birds are at risk, most tragically, the kiwi. If we can lift the scale of predator control to regional landscapes, including communities where people live, which has not been done before, we can win the war.”


Sir Rob Fenwick 2016


Many of these works were completed for NorthArt Galleries. The exhibitions titled: Pocket Edition - Small works for Large Walls and also for the Drawings group exhibitions.