New Artworks

For the Birds

- 2019 Foenander Gallery

When I was a young boy I had an ordinary experience which profoundly influenced me. I participated in a father and son possum bust; a night-time culling on a local farm to curb the invasive possum population. Each son, with his father beside him and spotlighted by over a dozen torches and onlookers, had the opportunity of shooting a possum out of a tree. When my turn came, I raised the gun so that the possum was within my sights.. but couldn’t pull the trigger, I instinctively knew that I’d gain no pleasure from the act of killing this small furry creature. My long walk back to the car, with bonded families surrounding me, was full of shame (and also with some gratitude that my father didn’t comment upon my self-perceived shortcomings).

Haven, 2019, oil on panel, 80 x 80cm 

Since that early experience I have learnt and understood more of the issue of invasive introduced species...

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