Displayed here are artworks fresh from the studio and going back many years. As a new work is completed, it's added (see new work via the filter: New Artworks). To search all of the artworks by content, select a filter by Genre or  by Year,  from the present back to before 2014 and further. 

Displayed here are the most recent exhibitions, projects and group shows with the paintings displayed in their exhibition grouping.

This section chronicles my connection with the Pestfree movement in New Zealand. The text and images trace my journey in the development of the Battleline series from it's instigation until today and the works that have been inspired by it.

As well as my daily painting practice I have set aside time over the last few years to spend in developing new ideas, creating new directions for future paintings or following an idea just because it intrigued. They are shown in order of the year they were created. 


A chronology of past group and solo exhibitions dating back to 2014

For me, to be a creator is to be continually awakening.. to assess and reassess everything I thought I knew in a given moment.. it’s not a secure or comfortable place, it's a raw connection to dawning comprehension mixed with a feeling of wild discovery

My process, in written form, from the concept charcoal and acrylic drawings  and how I develop it further to realise the composition, the contents possible interpretations (which can stimulate further ideas) and how the painting might be tackled. The W.I.P section then displays the proceeds of this procedure.

Works In Progress are posted here as they develop, come back to see new stages as they are uploaded to the site. Included are final artworks as well as concept studies and colour sketches as the ideas are developed.

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In the Art Collectors section you will have access to the original paintings as they develop.  Be able to watch them progress, comment and purchase the original paintings as well as the studies and drawings that lead up to the completed artwork. 

This is my Instagram feed. Here I post images, sketches, works in progress, painting ideas, studies as they progress from concept into finished artworks and prints. There are also a few videos from behind the scenes and I plan to add more in the future...


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