Our range of high quality fine art prints is produced onto either a smooth matte 210gsm art paper or a 300gsm premium etching archival paper. These prints are created utilizing the very latest technology, highest quality archival inks for the finest detail, colour depth and long life of the reproduction.   

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  • Amorphous

    A Villa emerging from the mist with the native flora battling to overthrow it

    From: $29.50

  • The Ark

    The flora, fauna and lighthouse from the island of Tiri tiri Matangi - the wildlife sanctuary

    From: $29.50

  • Ark 2

    The flora, fauna and cabin sleepout from the island of Tiri tiri Matangi - the wildlife sanctuary

    From: $29.50

  • The Bach

    The Bach from my childhood which stood in Ngunguru for many years

    From: $75.00

  • Baches

    A sand dune with a caravan and typical baches from a at the beach, a holiday in New Zealand.

    From: $29.50

  • The Balancing Act

    Balancing upon a Moeraki boulder, a caravan, a Dotterel with her egg, the balance we must all make in life

    From: $29.50

  • Beach Reflections

    This reproduction is only available in standard size 190 x 195mm

    From: $29.50

  • The Beacon

    A lighthouse villa with, dashed on the rocks below, NZ movie references of my cinematic heritage

    From: $29.50

  • Between the Lines

    Two children playing hopscotch, they use a coin as a place-marker trying to win - a metaphor

    From: $29.50

  • The Birdhouse

    Villas all connected with seabirds and on top of them all is the Southern Royal Albatross

    From: $29.50

  • Bobby

    A calf that is going to 'the works' is called a Bobby calf, I 'humanized' the little fellar

    From: $29.50

  • Boogie Board

    My daughter at the beach with her favourite board

    From: $29.50

  • Bookends

    A couple using each other as support what enjoying the sun at the beach

    From: $29.50

  • Broken Rock

    Standing upon a Moeraki boulder is a Reef Heron supporting a Sitchbird and a Kea

    From: $29.50

  • Buller

    A small island with NZ birds; Kea, Kingfisher, Kokako, Tomtit, Weka, Fantail, Huia, Kiwi, Wood Pigeon, Pukeko and Shag

    From: $29.50

  • Bullrush

    A farmer and his dog come across a herd of Herefords grazing in the long grass

    from: $75.00

  • Calloused Veneer

    Masculinity and its trappings. A rough exterior with the inside hidden away

    From: $29.50

  • Caravan

    A crazy little campsite with a caravan suspended onto it, and a chair to relax in

    From: $29.50

  • Castaway Depot

    A castaway depot is a cabin on a remote deserted island that holds supplies for lost travellers

    From: $29.50

  • Catch & Release

    This reproduction is available in all sizes, from standard and large through to XL

    From: $29.50

  • The Changing Room

    From my childhood, the embarrassing exhibition of getting changed on the beach

    From: $29.50

  • Civil War

    The Pestfree battle - Hawk, Kakapo, Tuatara and fantail against a possum, rabbit, weasel and rat

    From: $29.50

  • Clew

    The word 'Clew' is derived from this Minotaur story, working out the reason for the thread could decide your fate

    From: $29.50

  • Colonial Villa

    Perched upon a classic villa, the Waxeye (tauhou), Wood Pigeon (kereu), Tui and the Fantail (pīwakawaka)

    From: $29.50

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