Pocket Edition - NorthArt

Random Notes
The process, when working towards an exhibition, is to consolidate my current state of mind by brainstorming sketches, concepts and rants and loosely drafting these disparate notions into my Black Arts book ...

For the Birds - Foenander Gallery

“When I was a young boy I had an ordinary experience which profoundly influenced me. I participated in a father and son possum bust; a night-time culling on a local farm to curb the invasive possum population. ...

Drawings and Works on Paper - NorthArt Gallery

Northart’s highly anticipated annual Drawing and Works on Paper show brings together pieces by some of the gallery’s most accomplished and senior artists, including Robert Ellis, Garry Currin, Ross Ritchie, Alistair Nisbet-Smith and John Nicol. Also featuring this year in the popular exhibition – sponsored by Gordon Harris: The Art and Graphic Store – are painters Rosemary Theunissen, Sharon Vickers and Lindsey Kirk, amongst others.

Small Works Salon - NKB Gallery