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Hi, welcome, Haere mai!

This is Barry Ross Smith's studio and here you will find the fumblings and detours that constitute the development of new artworks towards an exhibition. He spends most of his days in this small room with his music playing and a pencil or a brush in hand - scribbling out ideas in charcoal and paint.

Barry feels out-of-step with the artworld and growing out of touch with this digital life. He's most happy just playing along to the tune in his head, a tune he has been following most of his life. He is fortunate to have a supportive wife and is a proud father of two daughters.


Included on this page will be:


• progress pictures of my practice

• behind the scenes of production

• stray thoughts about the artworks as they develop

• links to the finished artwork in it's exhibition

• purchase the preliminary sketches directly from this page. 

About a little about me and a video of me talking about my practice

Bio A list of my exhibitions and awards - still working on it!

Exhibitions An ongoing collection of my paintings ordered into the exhibition as they were shown. Where possible I have included the text and catalogues from the shows

Projects Completed projects that are a departure from my usual practice of painting

barry_ross_smith  I began this on my Instagram feed but wanted it make it more personal. Follow me on Instagram to see many of these progress pictures there.

current projects

working title: Bolthole


acrylic on 200gsm paper

600 x 600mm

New Zealand has come thru the first (hopefully last) wave of the Coronavirus that is affecting the entire world at the moment.

I didn't want to paint about it directly, but it seems that the pressure of it's invisible presence seeps into my thoughts.

I think Bolthole comes from a desire to find a secure place, a haven from this global threat which is, for NZ, not immediate but constant. Covid 19 is at war with us on normality

May 2020

began page May 2020

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