The Tor (looking Back)

Title: The Tor (looking back)

Size mm: 99 x 99 cm

Material: oil on stretched canvas

Price NZ$ 20,000

Total progress of this painting

Further progress images will be added as this painting develops - once the final painting is completed, a high definition image will be uploaded and send to interested parties.

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This is a painting about light - and its absence. Streetlights - like mini suns, illuminate all within their reach, Houses in shadows, but shining from lights within, hold an energy and a mystery when viewed from outside - their warmth contained but spilling out to the bushes in the front yard. There is a quiet peacefulness about lights at night, a comfort from the darkness.


Tied to this impression are a few references from Studio Ghibli - an animation studio whose films helped raise my children. Totoro stands in this landscape, the protector of hope and optimism, comfort in times of hardship, and within darkness we find the soot sprites scattered around.

The buildings themselves are taken from the Mt Eden neighbourhood, perfect manicured lawns and magnificent villas - each with the best sea view out over the endless ocean

The top and middle have had initial rendering - further detailing is needed with a focus upon how the light interacts with surfaces. The houses on the bottom have just had the underpainting completed at this stage. The focus of the piece is going to be in the light, reflections and shadows and their relationship with each other

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