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October  - Everyday Objects

I discovered that without an attachment, I find it difficult to connect with the content, so I tried painting household items. I ran out of inspiration around day 88 but was content with the entirety of the project as one of its aims was getting the daily ritual of painting in the studio into a habit, which it achieved.

August  a Stone - (after Sisyphus)

A humble rock taken from my garden and placed within the studio setting then observed/painted each day for a month. There is madness in repeating the exact same thing daily, a frustration or movement towards nihilistism. But within that repetition there also meditation, rediscovery and appreciation of form, chiaroscuro,  the language of light ... perhaps it is  an optimistic nihilism as it became a pleasure to focus upon each days sunlight illuminating this singular small rock. 

oil on canvas, 180 x 180mm each