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A list of projects past - I will update and add past projects soon...

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2020 • Gitte's Remembrance Exhibition 

Whitecliffe Art School Gallery

Gitte’s friends and fellow artists are going to bring together a representative collection of paintings to honour and remember a beautiful person and talented artist through showing her artwork. Gitte’s passion for colour, texture and the fluid properties of paint will strike you as extraordinarily beautiful and  immersive. 

This exhibition is a tribute to the artist and the art that she produced and is a remembrance for a dearly missed friend.These artworks have come from private collections in Auckland and are representative of some of the styles of work in her painting career. 


2017 • Estranged

Depot Artspace

Umbrella is a group of Master of Fine Arts Graduates who graduated from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design in 2010-11 in Auckland and consists of Barbara Smith, Rowan Belcher, Monica Seo, Ken Martin, Barry Ross Smith, Elsa Lye, Gitte Steen-Andersen and Julie Woodward. To view the other artists associated with this show, have a look at our website called Usan


2016 • Landscape without Birds

100 Days Project

My project is to paint an image of one of New Zealand's threatened animals or plants onto the side of a commercial milk carton, each day, for 100 days. It is a sad fact that I had more than enough endangered animals in which to paint. New Zealand has over 4000 endangered plants and species.


2015 • Life Still

100 Days Project

A visual idiom, a metaphor utilising the still life genre. Each day my task was to paint a small object and then to upload an image of the painting here. All the daily paintings are intended as a device for clarity and continuity within my daily life. Each month the painting's object will alter, expanding upon the focus of that contemplation. I ran out of steam around Day 88


2013 • Pieces of Me

100 Days Project

Info coming soon...


2011 • Everyday Fictions

Master of Fine Arts Degree Show

Info coming soon...