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2020 • New Project coming this year


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Depot Artspace

Umbrella is a group of Master of Fine Arts Graduates who graduated from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design in 2010-11 in Auckland and consists of Barbara Smith, Rowan Belcher, Monica Seo, Ken Martin, Barry Ross Smith, Elsa Lye, Gitte Steen-Andersen and Julie Woodward. To view the other artists associated with this show, have a look at our website called Usan


100 Days Project

My project is to paint an image of one of New Zealand's threatened animals or plants onto the side of a commercial milk carton, each day, for 100 days. It is a sad fact that I had more than enough endangered animals in which to paint. New Zealand has over 4000 endangered plants and species.

100 Days Project

A visual idiom, a metaphor utilising the still life genre. Each day my task was to paint a small object and then to upload an image of the painting here. All the daily paintings are intended as a device for clarity and continuity within my daily life. Each month the painting's object will alter, expanding upon the focus of that contemplation. I ran out of steam around Day 88

2013 • Pieces of Me

100 Days Project

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2011 • Everyday Fictions

Master of Fine Arts Degree Show

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