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©2019 by Barry Ross Smith.


Barry Ross Smith is a visual artist born in Kamo, Northland, New Zealand. He initially trained as a sign writer before taking his O.E (Overseas Experience) in London working as a commercial artist for many years (amongst many other things) before returning home to raise a family. He is a proud father of two daughters. Smith has been painting for over 25 years, had many solo shows and a has long exhibition history. His work features in public, private and corporate collections across New Zealand, Australia, Europe, North America and Asia.

The work engages with the consumer/custodial dichotomy between humans and animals, specifically within the New Zealand landscape. What he sees as entanglements created by our desire to exploit the natural environment and livestock for our own needs, against the obligation for the conservation and preservation of native forests and wildlife for its own survival. 

He is involved with Pest free NZ; restoring the native wildlife from extinction. This crisis has been brought about by the introduction of predator animals and plant species into the native environment.

Barry Ross Smith holds a Master of Fine Arts (Hons)  degree.