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Art by Barry Ross Smith is a New Zealand nz artist, painter and creator that is painting, sketching and maker of studies in oils, acrylics and mixed media.

His subject is island artworks that feature a colonial villa, baches, houses, communities, town, village and native birds; Tui, Kokako, Kea, Fantail, Heron and Kereu. He also paints pestfree imagery of rats, stoats, wild pig

possum and rabbits invading our country. He paints beach painting with people in the surf and farming works with cattle, cows, pigs, fish, sheep and tractors.

Some of his most populr art tiltes are: Waterfront Villas, the Caravan, the Garden, the edge of the world, Ark, Perch, Norfolk Hill

Suntrap, New Natives, Bolthole, Castaway Depot, the Arrival, a night on the town, wild nightlife, beachlife, Buller, dusk light and Roost.

You can buy or purchase his nz prints at the shop or contact them here

New Zealand Artist

Native and predators fighting
Out Damned Spot
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