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©2019 by Barry Ross Smith.

the Battlelines series

“The invasion of predators has reached a tipping point and most of our native birds are at risk, most tragically, the kiwi. If we can lift the scale of predator control to regional landscapes, including communities where people live, which has not been done before, we can win the war.”


Sir Rob Fenwick 2016

the Island series

A variety of isolated islands, surveying a range of wild and domestic habitations. They are islands in flux; connected by change, demand and the relentless course of history and culture. The paintings can be viewed as theatrical tableau, reflective spaces which highlight mankind’s complex relationship with the land, its beasts and the all encompassing ocean.

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High quality fine art prints produced onto a smooth matte 200gsm art paper. These prints are created using the latest technology, utilizing archival pigment inks for the finest detail, colour depth and long life of the reproduction.

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Every year or two I set myself a side project, a self-guided curiosity, which can take a few months to complete. These amusements often go on to inform and invigorate my daily practice of painting, expanding upon my current concepts and leading to new directions.

These projects began with my Master of Fine Arts degree in 2011.