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    Karl Amundsen | Frances Atkins | Ande Barrett Heganm| Freda Brierley | Matthew Carter | Garry Currin | Jo Dalgety | Fiona Lee Graham | Heather Grouden | Campbell Hegan | Craig Humberstone | Lindsey Kirk | James Lawrence | John Lyall | Malcolm McAllister | Drew McRae | Ross Ritchie | Frances Rood | Merthyr Ruxton | Barry Ross Smith | Stuart Spackman | Margaret Sumich | Katie Theunissen | Rosemary Theunissen | Frank van Schaik | Sharon Vickers | Martin Ward

    • 27 artists • ten sheets (A6, 105 x 148mm) of watercolour paper each • complete freedom to create whatever inspires them •

    An eclectic group of up to 270 artworks from artists practicing in diverse disciplines and having fun with a small substrate. My 10 works for this exhibition are based upon 'found photos'.. That is, photographs that have at some point been discarded, were found (in garage sales or house lots) then uploaded onto the internet for a new life. The subjects are unknown and yet I find myself identifying with their slice of life portraits, posing for a future, set in the past. All works are 148 x 105mm and are mixed media on prepared watercolour paper.


    Link to the opening, with thanks to Artsdiary 

  • Samsung S23 Ultra phone

    Barry’s work explores the tension between humans’ exploitation and conservation of the environment. He used the new Galaxy S23 Ultra’s ground-breaking 200MP camera to capture unparalleled close-ups of his work, even capturing detail such as intricate brushwork, broken brush bristles, and surface texture. He then combined these images into the composite artworks which were used to create a series of unique artworks for each Samsung Studio around New Zealand.

    For more information about this collaboration, see Projects | Samsung Studio Takeover: here

    Samsung logo
    wallpapers for digital devices
  • Pretty Invaders

    There is a quiet struggle going on in the creeks behind the factories, in the long grass of new suburbs, within the dissection of land for commercial and residential use, it is a battle for survival over increasingly limited resources. A displacement of our native wildlife for agriculture and suburban sprawl and as the world becomes smaller, the need for a home for each of us (animal as well as human) is becoming more intensified. Left unchecked and with enough resources, populations grow to fill a space and if they continue to expand, those resources become depleted, scarce and the lives of the inhabitants come under threat.

    For more information about some of these works see Works in a Series | The Arrival:  here

  • T.E.N.T

    The inaugural edition of TENT featured live exhibitions across the country and also online, and took place from Thursday 4 – Sunday 7 November across New Zealand.

    25+ galleries will present an off-site / pop-up exhibition, anywhere in Aotearoa New Zealand (but NOT in their own gallery space) – and at the same time, show the art online in specially created online viewing rooms.

    The live exhibitions opened in the different locations across the country, from Friday 5 – Sunday 7 November, with an accompanying programme of special events, curated walks, chances to meet artists and more, which took place over the three days, where Alert Levels allowed.